“I have lived with chronic lower back and SI joint pain most of my life. Six years ago, I had major back surgery on my lower right side and was told I will someday need another back surgery on my lower left. Last month I thought that time had arrived as every other step I took thru-out my lower left back. I could not walk without great pain or hold my 3-year-old. I felt hopeless. Soon thereafter I learned that G21 Fitness recently hired a Physical Therapist named Dr. Paul Paganello who provides both physical therapy and personal training, so I immediately made an appointment. The results have proven to be incredibly effective, and I no longer feel that surgery is inevitable. He provides therapeutic elements to my personalized workout routines along with technique tips to hold off further pain and injury. Dr. Paul is very bright, professional, compassionate, creative, motivating and has helped me tremendously. I highly recommend Dr. Paul and am grateful for his dedication to my well-being. This new physical therapy and personal training program is going to help so much of our community.
Thank you so much Dr. Paul.”