Hector J. Quiroz, from Southern Arizona became a health and wellness student at a very young age. His passion for fitness and the desire to help others live higher quality started off in the personal training
field. From there he expanded into the healing arts field in 2014 while pursuing his degree in Transformational Psychology at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Arizona.

It was through the practice of yoga and meditation Hector came to realize that a strong physical body without a deep connection to the mind and soul would always leave a feeling of emptiness. His true “bliss” only came from a fully integrated combination of mind, body, and spirit work. This “truth” has become the fundamental belief which he has now dedicated his life to sharing through public speaking engagements, one-on-one teachings, yoga, and personal training empowerment.

Through his own journey in the healing arts he discovered a holistic approach to health and wellness and now utilizes his training to help others become well, fit, and healthy in all levels of life.

Hector is a certified health and wellness lifestyle coach who specializes in transformation fitness yoga, personal training, hypnotherapy, Thai Yoga stretch among other holistic science based modalities.

“I had reached the pinnacle of physical form with intense discipline and determination, to the point of obsession, but had an aching feeling that something was very wrong; that something was missing. I kept struggling to find the missing ‘peace’.”

“Awareness is simply insight into the greatest victories that take place in the summit of our actions.” -Hector J Q.

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