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Juliana Landi Pereira was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Since her childhood, she has lived and breathed sports and was very active. From the age of 7 until 18, she was an olympic and acrobatic gymnast. It only made sense to follow P.E. as a career.

After earning her bachelors’ degree, she continued her higher education. Her masters was focused on cardiac rehabilitation for special groups which included: obese, diabetic, pregnant and the elderly; as well as groups with conditions such as depression, anorexia and bulimia. She also has her Master Training Certificate in the USA.

She has been working as a personal trainer for more than 14 years. According to Juliana, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing her client’s transformation as well as assisting them on improving their lives: “More important than the aesthetics, it’s all about changing one’s lifestyle and teaching them how to make healthier choices. Stop taking medicines. See yourself with kinder eyes, appreciate who you are and what you achieve; without pain and being happy.”

Juliana is curious by nature… she keeps herself up to date with the latest on health and aesthetics areas reading the news, articles and papers. She applies those concepts in functional, endurance, strength exercises and manipulates multiple variables in order to achieve her clients’ goals -whatever they may be- never forgetting that each person is unique. For her, there will never be a “cookie cutter” workout!

Training with Juliana will always be training with motivation and connection of body and soul.

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