Sports Performance & Atheltic Training at G21 Fitness, Physical Therapy & Wellness Center
Sports Performance & Atheltic Training at G21 Fitness, Physical Therapy & Wellness Center


Athletes become stronger, faster and more powerful.
Why train at G21?

At G21, athletes will learn how to master the basics, which will enable them to perform better on and off the field. The fundamentals taught in our facility will help athletes become stronger, faster, and more powerful than before.

Our Sports Performance Training is a creative yet comprehensive design structured to implement the foundations of unrestricted movement, strength and power mechanics, and speed development, coupled with the competitive environment to continuously push our athletes to be the best version of themselves.

The Program

Available for Ages | Youth: 8-11 | JV: 12-14 | Varsity: 15-18

This progressive program for athletes (age 8-18) is about training the right way for the long term. Our Sports Performance training consists of small group or one-on-one training, which is customized to take into account the goals and needs of each athlete.

All of our programs run in 4-week cycles. Each cycle has structured periodization that will enable our athletes to progress over time. Every 4th week will be a “de-load” week where athletes will have the opportunity to come in and do recovery work and go back to the basics and learn about what they will be doing in their next cycle of training.

We offer two services:

Speed school (open to all athletes based on their age category)

Strength & Power (Open to JV and Varsity athletes)

Free Youth Athlete Training Camp is coming soon! Get on our waitlist today.

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