Sports Performance at G21 Fitness, Physical Therapy and Wellness Center
Sports Performance at G21 Fitness, Physical Therapy and Wellness Center


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The Speed System 

G21 Fitness is proud to collaborate with Coach Tee, founder of The Speed System, to provide a training facility for athletes ages eight and above.

Coach Tee is a functional movement specialist, strength and conditioning coach, and former professional football player. He has helped countless high school, collegiate, and professional athletes improve their sprint form, stability, leg strength, and explosiveness.

Speed is an essential element of almost every sport today, and Coach Tee and his team have developed a science-backed performance program that he will introduce to Fort Lauderdale athletes.

The Program

Coach tee has created a proven athletic performance program in Virginia and DC over the past 15 years for athletes in Lacrosse, Soccer, Tennis, Softball, Golf, and Field Hockey, to name a few. The System is the ideal program to enhance any athlete’s mind and body through our holistic training, analytical data-driven assessments, and passion for character development. Coach Tee ensures no stone goes unturned, and no detail is overlooked when building a supreme athlete.

Each program can be conducted in one-on-one training, Semi-private/Partner Training, or Group training (up to 15 athletes at once).

Let us help with your sports goals and become a product of The Speed System! Contact Us today.

First Gear Level

For athletes between the ages of 8 to 11, the Speed System will focus on developing agility, balance, coordination, and functional movement training.

Alpha Level 

For athletes between the ages of 12 to 14, The Speed System will focus on enhancing Speed, Power, and more Athletic functional movement. 

Elite Level 

For high school athletes, The Speed System will focus on Speed, Power, and Explosive development.

Pro Level 

For collegiate athletes or professional athletes. G21 Fitness facility offers customized state-of-the-art equipment. 


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