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We are committed to the pursuit of perfection.

To optimize your journey to better health, we at G21 Fitness & Vitality Studio have created a customized and private luxury oasis for the perfect environment to surpass any fitness goal.

With expertly-trained professionals that don‘t just focus on your fitness but your overall well-being, G21 Fitness & Vitality Studio offers more than a polished and functional facility equipped with top-of-the-line machinery. We staff a team that strives for perfection.

Why G21?

We chose the number 21 because it represents “perfection by excellence.” We hope you choose G21 as your best opportunity to pursue excellence in fitness and in life.

Our fitness ideology is all-encompassing, from our versatile staff to our services and programs. We know what it takes to get effective results. By designing our customized programs with research-backed 10-prong fitness—

(1) cardio-respiratory endurance, (2) stamina, (3) strength, (4) flexibility, (5) power, (6) speed, (7) coordination, (8) agility, (9) balance, and (10) accuracy,

—we can focus on well-rounded, no quick-fix, optimizing results.

About Us:

We believe in the process and the pursuit of perfection.

At G21, we reach, recover, rejuvenate, and repeat the process.

Our uniquely-designed, private, 5,000 sq. ft. facility is the perfect environment for any professional striving for excellence. Expertly renovated with a focus on modern simplicity and functionality, G21 blends high-end interior style and hardcore, raw fitness results.

By offering competitively-priced personal training, nutrition coaching, infrared sauna, stretching, and massages, our services bring all aspects of health to the forefront of our mission.

Carefully selected for optimal performance, comfort, and safety, our equipment can be tailored to your fitness level—wherever that may be along your journey.

G21 and our entire staff of trainers invite you to register for a Free Personal Training Consultation with one of our certified trainers. Our team hopes to exemplify the right balance and expertise from multiple industries to guide you to strive for perfection.

*Local residents, first time visitors, 18 years or older.